MIKA Summer V Shirt (EN)

The MIKA Summer V Shirt is a wonderfully airy shirt with short sleeves.
The ultra-light shirt with a deep V neckline goes particularly well with summer dresses with short sleeves or spaghetti straps and can be worn with the V in the front or in the back.

8,00  inkl. MwSt.


The MIKA Summer V Shirt is a short-sleeved shirt with a deep V-neck and a low neckline at the back, so that you can wear the shirt with the V-neckline at the back.


The shirt is worked top-down and the construction of the upper part integrates the sleeves so that the shoulder and sleeve form one piece.


You’ll first work the left and right back sections separately, shaping the neckline at the back with increases, then connect them and work the back as one piece.

You will then work the right, then the left front piece from stitches picked up on the back piece and work increases for the V neckline.


You will finally join all parts under the arms and shape the sleeves and the neckline with decreases and increases. Once you’ve reached the depth of the V-neckline, you will join the pieces at the front, and continue to work the body as one piece. The body is finished with an I-cord bind-off. At the end, stitches are picked up from the V-neckline and an I-cord is worked.

Feel inspired by the beautiful projects at Ravelry or Instagram.




Top-Down, NO Short rows



XS (32/34) S (36/38) M (40/42) L (44/46) XL (48/50) 2XL (52/54), 3XL (56/58)

All numbers in the schematics (Appendix 1) and in the pattern refer to sizes XS (S) M (L) XL (2XL) 3XL

To fit actual bust measurement of 76-81 (82-89) 90-97 (98-107) 108-119 (120-131) 131-143 cm


Bust circumference measured under the armholes: 96 (104) 113 (121) 133 (141) 153 cm

Positive ease: 18 (18) 19 (18,5) 20 (16) 16 cm

Chest width: 48 (52) 56,5 (60,5) 66,5 (70,5) 76,5 cm

Armhole depth: 19,5 (20,5) 21,5 (22,5) 24,5 (26) 28 cm

V-Neck depth: 27 (28) 30 (31) 33 (34) 36,5 cm

Total length at the back (from the shoulder down): 56 (57) 58 (59) 61 (62,5) 64,5 cm

The model in the picture measures 164 cm and is wearing size S (Lilac) for a bust circumference of 85 cm.

You can use the blank sketch (Appendix 2) for your notes notes and conversions.


Basic pattern: Stocking St (knit on the right side, purl on the wrong side), knit all stitches when working in the round.

Tip: Since I purl more loosely than I knit, I use a needle half a size smaller for the purl rows for an even and consistent stitch structure.


10 x 10 cm = 14 stitches x 19 rows

with the yarn held double on a 6.5 mm needle on the RS and a 6 mm needle on the WS, or needle size that will give you the correct knitting gauge in Stocking St. If you are a loose knitter, consider using needles 1 or half a size smaller.


”Silkhair” by Lana Grossa (70% mohair (superkid), 30% silk approx. 210 m/25 g), color “Lilac” 173

125 (125 – 150) 150 (150 – 175) 175 – 200 (200) 200 – 225 g

1.050 (1.050 – 1.260) 1.260 (1.260 – 1.470) 1.470 – 1.680 (1.680) 1.680 – 1.890 m

When knitting with two strands this comes down to: 0,24 g/m

(1) Any mohair-silk blend that has a similar meterage (appr. 210 m/25 g).
(2) Brigitte No. 3 by Lana Grossa (40 % Mohair, 37 % Wool, 23 % Polyamide), appr. 100 m/25 g), 1 strand (0,25 g/m)
(3) Manada by Pascuali (45% Superkid mohair, 25% mulberry silk, 15% virgin wool (organic merino), 15% yak wool, 200 m/25 g), 2 strands (0,25 g/m)
Yarn without mohair:
(4) Midnatssol by Camarose (54 % Alpaca, 36 % Tencel, 10 % Wool, 200m/25g), 2 strands (0,25 g/m)
(5) SetaSuri by Lana Grossa (69% Suri Alpaca, 31% Silk, ca. 212 m/25 g) 2 strands (0,24 g/m)


  • Interchangeable 6 mm, and 6.5 mm circular knitting needles, with an 80 to 100 cm long cord (depending on size)
  • 5 mm circular knitting needles, with a 60 to 80 cm long cord for the I-cord
  • Crochet hook for the provisional cast-on


  • 6 stitch markers for a large needle (6.5 mm) (4 for the edge sts, 1 for the beginning of the round)
  • Contrasting yarn of a similar weight for the temporary cast-on
  • Scrap yarn or extra needles to leave stitches on hold, measuring tape, tapestry needle (blunt) and sewing needle (sharp), scissors.


  • Provisional stitch cast-on with a crochet hook
  • Knit and purl stitches
  • Increases to the left and to the right
  • Decreases to the left and to the right, on the RS and the WS
  • I-Cord bind off and weaving in of the ends (Video in link below)
  • Picking up stitches around the neckline

Links to videos and tips: www.lotilda.de/mika-summer-v-shirt-links

TIP: If you are not familiar with any of the techniques used here, practice on a small piece of knitting, which saves you from annoying unravelling the model.